Предварительный список исправлений Beta 6

Автор: Alex_P от 02 Февраль 2011.

avatar3338_1.gifОглашён предварительный список исправлений в патче Beta 5 для DCS: A-10C Warthog, в него вошли 58 93 пункта. Этот список не окончательный и может быть изменён, в него также не вошли некоторые важные пункты, их исправят в релизной версии.
Есть ещё несколько важных багов(неработоспособность TIR, например) которые обязательно надо исправить в Beta 5, релиз нового патча состоится сразу, как только у разработчиков получится исправить эти баги.
Ошибка с TIR исправлена, на текущей неделе Beta 5 будет выпущена для внутреннего тестирования. И если всё пройдёт удачно, она будет опубликована.

"Пятого патча не будет.
Будет сразу 6-й, и не патч, а полный инсталлятор. Мы его сделали еще на выходных, но обнаружилось несколько проблем, с которыми выпускать нельзя. Сейчас фиксим."- Chizh, 08.02.2011

"Невады в релизе не будет. Не готова."

Предварительный список исправлений(обновлёно 05.02.2011):

1. MP. The net traffic of vehicle groups in motion was reduced.
2. MP. The net traffic of SADL was reduced.
3. CBU. The HOF and RPM was implemented.
4. Explosion effects were optimized.
5. Shaders are now pre-compiled.
6. Fog. Night illumination has been adjusted.
7. Removed frame rate loss associated with wingtip vorticies.
8. Removed frame rate loss with firing GAU-8.
9. Adjusted turbulence effect on smoke to increase frame rates.
10. Minor Flight and GUI manual updates.

11. Fixed GUI fonts with AA enabled.
12. HUD TGP diamond and MFCD track point divergence corrected.
13. JTAC bino view removed.
14. Fixed some bugs with clouds. They are no longer fluorescent at night, fixed shapes colliding.
15. Addressed stability of larger missions.
16. Accuracy of CBU-103 and CBU-105 fixed.
17. Various single and campaign mission corrections and tweaks.
18. Flight and GUI manual updates.
19. Adjusted ADI steering bar response.
20. Corrected wingmen orders AI.

21. Fixed CMS SEMI mode.
22. Additional weapons added to encyclopedia.
23. Fixed signal light errors.
24. Can now set negative waypoint altitudes in CDU.
25. ME NAV point correct in CDU now.
26. UH-1 window fogging corrected.
27. Destroyed vehicle on bridge crash fixed.
28. Targeting Pod CCD camera image sharpness improved.
29. All buildings have correct night illumination.
30. Fixed invisible helicopter rotors against cloud background.

31. Multiple aircraft skin fixes.
32. Corrected tanker orbit altitudes problems.
33. Support for Air-to-Air transmit/receive (TR) TACAN added.
34. AUTO LS function corrected.
35. IAM ASL corrected.
36. GBU-12 guided-flight path adjusted.
37. Maverick retained on missing A-10C wing fixed.
38. Mission Editor ruler heading corrected.
39. Further adjustments to increase game stability.
40. Wind indication markers on ME map for Dynamic Weather changed.

41. Corrected L-39 payloads.
42. Alt Tab while is mission now working correctly.
43. Multiple flight members landing on aircraft carrier bug fixed.
44. Missing bridge near Batumi is back.
45. Gun can no longer be fired with weight on wheels.
46. HUD TDC jumpiness fixed.
47. Maverick boresighting procedures tuned.
48. CDU wind direction fixed.
49. Corrected floating helicopter navigation lights.
50. LOX quantity at hot start corrected.

51. SA-10 search radar weapon collision fixed.
52. Cloud flickering with ATI crossfire addressed.
53. TACAN now able to broadcast as well as receive.
54. Dynamic building shadows corrected.
55. Added dynamic cloud shadows.
56. Removed radio message debug time stamps.
57. Adjusted hypoxia time.
58. Adjusted AI SAM defense.
59. AWACS multiplayer communications.

60. Warning tone for VHF FM added when freq out of valid setting.
61. Added ability to turn EPLRS on and off for units.
62. Frame rate improvements in "Georgian Hammer" campaign.
63. Variable A-10C wheel friction implemented according to weather (clear, rain, or snow).
64. Mark Point accuracy fixed.
65. Added ROE for ships.
66. Added Immortal setting for ships.
67. Tanker pre-contact message fixed.
68. Triggered explosions now effect buildings.
69. RWR symbol for EWR site changed to "S".

70. Symbol separation on RWR adjusted.
71. Ejection seat ground safety lever implemented.
72. New "In the Weeds" SP and MP mission.
73. New English "Smerch Hunt" mission.
74. Added MP Coop versions of "Khashuri Gap" and "CSAR".
75. Alert tone now heard when VHF frequency is set outside valid range.
76. TK600 fuel tank weight corrected.
77. Vsync added as display toggle option.
78. Burning unit/object smoke adjusted for better frame rates.
79. Forest rendering distances adjusted for better frame rates.

80. Multiplayer client aerial refueling added.
81. Multiplayer client AWACS supported added.
82. Adjusted 2S6 gun accuracy.
83. Multiplayer client JTAC added.
84. Multiplayer client ATC added.
85. Fixed resetting of the CICU breaking the Maverick page.
86. Adjusted MFCD size to fix WCN notes being cut off.
87. Intercomm panel adjusted: (full CCW position) - Enables the TACAN receiver audio to be monitored regardless of TCN monitor switch position.
88. Fixed remaining A-10C geometry gaps.
89. Fixed Predator engine sound.

90. Single AGM-65D on LAU88 fixed.
91. Oil pressure fixed.
92. Items such as tracks, movies, logs, and some configuration data moved to Users\(name)\Saved Games\DCS Warthog.
93. GAU-8/A sound adjusted.


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